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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Esthetica by Dr. Shangavi’s PMU Academy and Clinic! Prior to utilizing our services or accessing our website, please carefully review the following terms and conditions. By proceeding, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

  1. Services Offered:
    • Esthetica by Dr.Shangavi specialises in providing Permanent Makeup (PMU) services through our clinic and educational courses through our academy.
  2. Booking and Appointments:
    • Appointments for PMU procedures or educational courses must be scheduled in advance through our website, phone, or in person.
    • A deposit or full payment may be required to secure your appointment or course enrollment, which is non-refundable in case of cancellation without sufficient notice.
    • Changes to appointments or course schedules must be made within the specified cancellation period to avoid penalties.
  3. Consultation and Consent:
    • Prior to any PMU procedure, a consultation will be conducted to assess suitability, discuss expectations, and address any concerns.
    • Clients must provide accurate information regarding medical history, allergies, medications, or any other relevant information that may affect the procedure.
    • Informed consent will be obtained before any PMU treatment or participation in educational courses, acknowledging understanding of the procedure, risks, and expected outcomes.
  4. Payment and Pricing:
    • Payment for PMU services or educational courses is due at the time of booking or enrollment, as per the agreement.
    • Prices for services and courses are subject to change without prior notice. However, the price at the time of booking or enrollment will be honored.
  5. Cancellations and Refunds:
    • Cancellations made within the specified period may be eligible for a refund of any payments made, subject to our cancellation policy.
    • Refunds will be issued using the original method of payment and may require a certain period to process.
  6. Privacy and Confidentiality:
    • We are committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information and medical records.
    • Any personal information collected will only be used for the purpose of providing PMU services or educational courses and will not be shared with third parties without consent.
  7. Use of Images and Videos:
    • Images and videos may be taken during PMU procedures or educational courses for educational and promotional purposes.
    • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent to the use of your images and videos for publication on our social media handles, website, or other promotional materials.
    • If you do not wish for your images or videos to be used for promotional purposes, please notify us in writing before your appointment or enrollment.
  8. Aftercare Importance:
    • Maintaining proper aftercare is crucial for achieving optimal results after a PMU procedure.
    • Clients are advised to follow the aftercare instructions provided by our practitioners diligently to ensure proper healing and long-lasting results.
  9. Liability and Disclaimers:
    • Esthetica by Dr. Shangavi and its staff are not liable for any damages, injuries, or complications resulting from the misuse or misunderstanding of information provided on our website or during consultations.
    • While we aim to achieve optimal results, individual outcomes may vary depending on factors such as skin type, health, adherence to aftercare instructions, and other variables.
    • Clients are advised to follow post-procedure instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and desired results.

By proceeding with our services or accessing our website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are excited to assist you on your PMU journey at Esthetica by Dr.Shangavi!

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